Conversion Rate Optimisation vs Customer Experience Optimisation

First of all, what is CRO, and why is it important?

In its purest form, CRO is the practice of data-driven experimentation to persuade a website or app user to take a desired action.

What is CXO?

CXO is closer to the macro level I mentioned above, except it should extend beyond your website or app and consider the ENTIRE customer journey. From phone calls to physical interactions.

How to get started with CRO

CRO starts with research. You have to fully understand your customer and the way they behave on your website or app. Start with quantitative research using something like Google Analytics; this is where you gather your primary research to find out what you want to optimise. What is performing well, what isn’t working etc.?

How to get started with CXO

You can use similar research tools to CRO, but you’ll learn more from qualitative research and feedback from customers and front-line staff to find insights.

CRO for Airfix (Hornby Hobbies)

Here is a quick example of CRO output for Airfix. As part of my ongoing research I noticed an opportunity to help new website visitors discover products. The original homepage (this is where the majority of new visitors started their journey) design had a search bar as the primary CTA. However, I discovered that new visitors converted more often when they could browse products, rather than having to think of something specific to search for. So I set up an AB test that replaced the search bar with two buttons, one that took new users to Starter Kits, which was where I believed most new customers would ideally begin their journey. The second button was for browsing the entire catalog for those who may be new visitors to the site but already familiar with Airfix products. After testing these two buttons I saw an increase of 22.72% in transactions from New Visitors on mobile and have deployed this change to the website.

CXO for Hunters

To help improve Hunters’ website I created a customer journey map for a buyer persona. Following some industry research I mapped out the typical stages of buying a house, then cross-referenced them against the content and tools Hunters have available on their website to understand how they currently help guide and attract potential buyers during their journey. Once I mapped those two things together, I was able to see several opportunities to propel Hunters’ beyond their competition… I’d love to share them with you, but then you’d never learn how to do it yourself, would you?!



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